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Establishing Costcutter in London

Costcutter & Sunstar History

Since its incorporation some 20 years ago Sunstar Group has developed a clever business model enabling it to establish a serious property portfolio with an annual 15% yield over and above the leverage in capital values. This has been achieved on the back of a well known convenience store brand whose London retailing operations are housed in well located and excellently maintained Sunstar Group properties.

Working closely with the founder of the convenience store brand in question a well-motivated franchise concept has been developed which Sunstar Group has rolled out to its exclusive advantage in the London area.

The brand is COSTCUTTER and has become synonymous with high quality convenience store retailing providing a wide range of grocery products as well as customer services that include post offices, newsagents and utility account paying facilities.

Operating throughout the UK, the COSTCUTTER SUPERMARKETS GROUP has established a chain of just under 1,600 convenience stores. The success of the concept attracted the famous BIBBY LINE GROUP to become a major shareholder in 2007 and with such support the brand has captured a significant stake in the home market.

When it comes to the Sunstar Group operating formula it locates, acquires and kits out suitable properties recruiting and training managers and employees to run as independent businesses albeit under the terms of the Sunstar Group owned and exclusive COSTCUTTER LICENCE. The purchasing power of the National Group and its expertise in distribution, marketing and merchandizing enables the individual stores to operate on a highly competitive basis.

By grooming new supermarket teams to extend its chain of supermarkets Sunstar Group affords opportunity for individuals to deliver on their business career aspirations. That motivation is at the core of the Sunstar Group business model with its annual return generated through rental and commission arrangements based on the level of turnover of each store with a guaranteed de minima figure come what may.

The success achieved by the Sunstar Group management in building its current 16 supermarkets portfolio is demonstrable of their considerable skills justifying their plans to roll out similar operations in major populated cities within other countries whose domestic markets are well known to the management.

Sunstar Group continues to review other options for the application of its business management skills especially in areas where recent economic challenges have given rise to opportunities for acquiring businesses with synergistic activities.

Corporate & Social Responsibility

PTS FoundationCSR can often be taken as a tick box marking exercise, which most companies carry out for good PR or for tax breaks. At Sunstar Group we truly believe in our contribution back to the community and the people we serve..
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