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Establishing Costcutter in London


Sunstar Group Costcutter store on Tower Bridge Road Responsible Retailing

16th April 2012

Responsible Retailing Award

16th April 2012

Sunstar Group Top 50 Independent Retailer in UK

4th April 2012

Sunstar Awarded Responsible Retailer of the Year Accolade

20th March 2012

Convenience Retail Awards 2012 – Sunstar Group Awarded Responsible Retailer of the Year

19th March 2012

Sunstar Group creating local links in the community

5th March 2012

Costcutter teams up with Charles Dickens Primary School for healthy eating initiative

5th March 2012

Sunstar Group shortlisted for Convenience Retail Awards 2012

5th March 2012

Costcutter Retail business chain in the Middle Eastern state of Morocco

18th October 2011

Brit Pakistani food retailer finds new market in Morocco

18th October 2011

A year in the life of Miss Universe GB

18th October 2011

International: Postcards from 

14th October 2011

A Cost Cutter supermarket for M’hamid in Marrakech

15th August 2011

Five a Day Boost for Hackney Children at Change4Life Event

21st July 2011

BBG Marrakech welcomes Costcutter

12th June 2011

Store openings: how to make an entrance

3rd June 2011

Costcutter enters Africa with store in Morocco

28th May 2011

London Costcutter stores back Change 4 Life

19th February 2011

Local Lib Dems back Healthy eating initiative

8th February 2011

Costcutter teams up with Charles Dickens school for Healthy Eating Initiative

5th February 2011

Sunstars London Costcutter Branch receives 5 Star food hygiene rating from Southwark Council

2nd February 2011

Miss Universe GB joins children’s art day celebrations at Costcutter

18th July 2010

Store Openings – How to make a difference

3rd June 2010

Sunstar adopts challenge 25 policy

3rd April 2010

Upwardly Mobile

10th March 2010

Simon Hughes MP at Costcutter and Post Office in Southwark Bridge Road

14th June 2009

Mayor of Lambeth opens new Tikka Hut counter in York Road

3rd June 2009

Look under 25? You’ll need to show ID to buy alcohol at Costcutter

5th April 2009

Balloons launch for Costcutters Post Office

4th August 2008

Post Office Ltd partners with the Sunstar Group

19th March 2008

Corporate & Social Responsibility

PTS FoundationCSR can often be taken as a tick box marking exercise, which most companies carry out for good PR or for tax breaks. At Sunstar Group we truly believe in our contribution back to the community and the people we serve..
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