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Establishing Costcutter in London


Core Values wealth generation and investment into the group via effective capital property investment which generates more jobs and offers a sustainable model for the Sunstar Group to maintain a small corporate operational team and deliver a wide range of services via an extensive network of outlets. This has enabled the group to grow substantially in a short period of time. We always endeavor to update our promotional material and source the very best produce at the best rates for our customers. Our staff are regularly trained in effective customer service standards and given extensive product knowledge. Without which we would not be able to deliver the very best services to our customers.

We provide the best quality produce at competitive prices, our freshly baked to go items are hugely popular and in keeping with our ethos of providing the freshest products to our customers. This encourages the habit of healthy eating and living.

Corporate & Social Responsibility

PTS FoundationCSR can often be taken as a tick box marking exercise, which most companies carry out for good PR or for tax breaks. At Sunstar Group we truly believe in our contribution back to the community and the people we serve..
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Global Projects

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