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Establishing Costcutter in London


Our business model is based on understanding how we can best serve the community we set up our stores in. The service, the produce, our turnover and range of food items is critical to getting the balance right and meeting our target audience needs. Our brand is fast becoming a recognized service brand, providing convenience at so many levels within the community.

We also ensure we recruit and train individuals from within the community, to give our team the sense of ownership and commitment to our stores. Most employees of the group live and work in close proximity to the stores they run, and this creates the sense of the age-old ‘corner shop’ family. This sense of family ensures our customers keep coming back.

We pride ourselves in being accessible to customers who are encouraged to send in their comments and recommendations when we set up promotional initiatives.

Corporate & Social Responsibility

PTS FoundationCSR can often be taken as a tick box marking exercise, which most companies carry out for good PR or for tax breaks. At Sunstar Group we truly believe in our contribution back to the community and the people we serve..
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Global Projects

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